Friday, January 27, 2012

100 Follower Celebrating December Giveaway @ The Paperplanes blog

There's an awesome giveaway going on over at The Paperplanes blog, in celebration of a birthday, Christmas, New Year and reaching 100 followers. The blog has now reached over 300 followers, so ONE lucky winner will get to choose THREE of these great titles:

A Million Suns, Shatter Me, Under the Never Sky, Tempest, Legend, Cinder and Incarnate are some of the titles on my wish list. What's on yours?

This is an INTERNATIONAL giveaway (as long as The Book Depository ships to you).
The giveaway ends on January 28th, 2012.

You can go HERE to read the rules and enter.

Good luck! :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

2000 Follower Giveaway @ Literary Rambles

Authors Casey McCormick and Natalie Aguirre are hosting an amazing giveaway in order to celebrate reaching 2000 followers on their blog, Literary Rambles. The prizes being given away include THREE WINNERS' choice of one of these great, brand-new titles in the first part of the giveaway:

Aren't these some really awesome titles?

I know I can't wait to read A Million Suns (I love Elder!), Don't Breathe a Word (about a girl who runs away from an abusive relationship to live with homeless kids and finds love), Under the Never Sky (a dystopian being made into a movie), Cinder (a futuristic re-telling of Cinderella as "Cinder", a cyborg mechanic) and The Future of Us (two teens getting a glimpse into their futures through their future Facebook statuses).

As part 2 of the giveaway, Casey and Natalie have raided their bookhelves to bring us these great titles, for which there will be FIVE WINNERS:

Even more great titles! I've read Across the Universe (hence, my love and yearning for A Million Suns), The Lightning Thief (loved the movie better than the book, though) and have Daughter of Smoke and Bone waiting on my bookshelf for me to read, so I would be very interested in reading Break or Angelfire.

Now which do you think you would choose if you had to choose 1 book from each part of the giveaway?

This contest ends at midnight on January 28th.
The contest is open INTERNATIONALLY.
You can go HERE to enter.

Good luck!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Win Rebecca+The Lantern at Sara's Organized Chaos in the Reader Rally Giveaway Hop

The Reader Rally Giveaway Hop hosted by Romance at Random is well under way and there are 50+ blogs participating and giving away some great reads, with a Grand Prize Giveaway being held at Romance at Random. One of the blogs on the hop, which is listed as "Rebecca and the Lantern" but is in actual fact "Sara's Organized Chaos" blog, is having a great giveaway of two remarkable and intriguing novels.

The first novel, Rebecca by Daphe Du Maurier is a classic that I once read halfway through (many years ago) before having to return it to the library. I do, however, remember it being a great read that I would like to complete when given the opportunity.


The second, The Lantern by Deborah Lawrenson, is a book I haven't come across before but which I find very intriguing as well (and the cover looks great!), so I think either one of these or, even better, both books would be a delight to win!

The Lantern

So, go on over there and enter now before the hop ends on the 31t January 2012.
Best of luck!

Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge 2012

I've never participated in an official reading challenge before (and I had concerns that the last year of my postgraduate study- my Masters year- may not be the best time to include more activities in my multi-tasking schedule). However, once I get hold of an idea, it's hard even for me to change my mind. So, here I am, announcing that I am participating in my first ever reading challenge on my blog- the "Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge" hosted by the lovely Missie at The Unread Reader (a blogger who I've followed and gotten to know a little in the past year and I believe that she's one of the friendliest- and funniest- blogger's I've had the good fortune to know) along with Kelly from Reading The Paranormal (a new-to-me blogger and blog, but one I'm sure I'll love just as much as Missie's).

The reason I'm participating in this challenge is because ever since my dad surprised me with a Kindle in December, I've been downloading every single FREE book off Amazon that looked even remotely interesting. Thus far, I have accumulated close to 2000 free books on my Kindle and have only read maybe 2 of them. I keep telling myself that I need to start on a few of them that I've been meaning to read for a very long time, but I've been juggling so many books recently, that I haven't had the chance to sit down and decide (of course, it doesn't help that my mum has taken over the Kindle and spends every free moment with it- leaving very little opportunity for me to grab it and hide in a corner for a while). So, I've been saving to buy my mum a Kindle and I'm pretty close to reaching my goal (I think- since Amazon charges a higher price plus import taxes and delivery charges for international customers *sigh*). Anyway, I'm hoping that if I don't get my mum her own Kindle soon, I can keep her busy with some physical copies off my bookshelf (she goes through that bookshelf so fast! I wish I could read at her speed!). So, I plan on trying my very best to read at least 12 of the 2000 free books downloaded on my Kindle and I even have an idea of what books I'd like to read. But first, let me share with you the details of this challenge (as posted on Missies's blog. The post can be found HERE):

Here is how it works:
  • Should you choose to participate in this challenge, your goal is to read at least twelve (12) legally obtained FREE e-books. While twelve is the minimum there is no maximum limit.
  • Anyone can join. You don't have to be a blogger, and you don't have to live in the United States.
  • Any E-Reader will work for this challenge, including: iPad, Kindle, Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader, enTourage.
  • Please Note: If you don't have an e-reading device, you can still join in with Amazon's Free Kindle Reading Apps which you can download for your iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, Blackberry and more.
  • The challenge runs from January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012. You can join at anytime.
  • e-books in ANY genre count for this challenge as long as it was FREE at the time that you downloaded it.
  • Every month in 2012, I will make a post for the Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge 2012 so you can link your reviews. Based on participation, monthly link ups may be combined.
  • Those that link their reviews will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a different prize each month, such as an Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card, a bookmark, or a GelaSkins for your e-Reader.

Challenge Guidelines:
  • If you have a blog, create a post announcing your participation in the challenge. Please include a link back to this post.
  • Non bloggers: participate by linking up your profile URL from the site you plan to post your reviews on such as Goodreads, Shelfari, LibraryThing, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
  • When you post your book review, you MUST reveal how you obtained the free & legal download. Please make your source clear.
  • You can list your books in advance or list them as you read them.
  • Crossovers to other reading challenges is acceptable, but ARCs/galley e-books DO NOT count. Again, this is a Reading Challenge to read as many of the FREE e-books legally offered for your e-reader. To get started, check out the Top 100 Free books on Amazon, or the Free e-books on Barnes & Noble.
  • Any linked reviews that do not meet the guidelines will not be entered into the monthly drawing for the prize of the month.

Coupon Clipper: 12 Books
Penny Pincher: 24 Books
Super Saver: 30+ Books

Please visit this post to sign up for the challenge: Why Buy the Cow? Reading Challenge 2012!

The level I'm aiming for is the lowest:

Coupon Clipper: 12 Books

(I don't want to be too ambitious in my first reading challenge, but Im hoping that I can go beyond the 12 books and maybe even reach the Super Saver level).

Okay, so now I'm going to show you just some of the books I have in mind for this challenge:

1. The Wedding Gift by Kathleen McKenna
This book was first brought to my attention by Missie. It's apparently been optioned by a movie production company. You can read her review HERE.

The Wedding Gift

2. Angel in the Shadows by Lisa Grace
I came across this book on the author's website while visiting during a blog hop. The author informed readers that the book was available as a free download and that the book has also been optioned for a movie.

Angel In The Shadows (The Angel #1)

I acquired my copy during a blog hop held by the Indie Book Collective (a great blog hosted by amazing indie authors and it should be visited). Despite having acquired it as part of the hop, this book still qualifies for this challenge as it is also currently a FREE Amazon download, so hurry over there and get your copy.

The Trouble With Spells (Of Witches and Warlocks, #1)

I acquired my copy the same way as the first. A Smashwords coupon was sent to all participants in the hop at the end of the hop. I was impressed with the author's friendliness, generosity and good spirit in e-mailing us and responding to my e-mails personally and promptly.

The Demon Kiss (Of Witches and Warlocks, #2)

5. The Childe by C.A. Kunz (The Childe #1)
I acquired this free download off Amazon as it was available for a limited time (and may till be available) in order to promote the book while the promotional Book Tour for it is making its way through the blogosphere. This mother-son writing team have come up with a winner, if mot reviews I've read are to be believed, so I look forward to reading this very soon.

The Childe (The Childe, #1)

6. Hollowland (The Hollows #1) by Amanda Hocking
I've heard so much about the self-published legend Amanda Hocking and her novels, so when I saw this available for free download on Amazon, my heart skipped a beat. The book appears to still be available for free download so get over there and download your copy.


I've been intrigued by the premise of this book and, with all the hype surrounding it, I'm sure it will make for an enjoyable read.

Jenny Pox (The Paranormals, #1)

This was another free download off Amazon, I got the sequel for free off Smashwords and won the third book, Bleeder, from a blog giveaway.

Space Junque (Apocalypto, #1)

This was another free Amazon download which the author informed readers about after a lovely interview hosted by Kathy at the "I Am A Reader, Not A Writer" blog. I think it may still be available for free download.

Excuse Me, My Brains Have Stepped Out

This was one of the first few books I downloaded for free off Amazon and I recently won another book in the series and downloaded two others, so I'm thinking it's about time I got started on reading this series.

A Bride for Tom

Another free download off Amazon and the second in Ruth Ann Nordin's Nebraska Historical Series, I'm thinking that I should at least give the first two books a try before pronouncing the verdict on this series.

A Husband for Margaret

12. Irish Moon by Amber Scott
Anything with "Irish" in the title (or anywhere in the book) has got my attention, so I look forward to reading this one. This was another free Amazon download.

Irish Moon

If I manage to make it beyond the 12 Books mark, I would also like to read:

13. What She Doesn't Know by Tina Wainscott
The blurb seems interesting and it' still available for FREE download right now!

What She Doesn't Know

14. Head Cases by Scott Nicholson
Another free Amazon download, this book's blurb claimed that the book contained things your shrink did not want you to know. Very intriguing, indeed!

Head Cases

15. Fated by Carolyn McCray
Another free Amazon download, this title comes highly recommended from author Amber Scott.


16. Injustice is Served by Reena Jacobs
I love Reena Jacobs! She's truly one of the nicest, friendliest authors I've ever known and I've already reviewed her previous book, I Loved You First, on this blog and now I can't wait to read her latest release.

Injustice Is Served

Okay, so I'm going to stop right there before I get carried away and start adding a whole load of books that I'll never be able to read in one year. However, before I leave you to comment on this post with news of your favourite free downloads, your reading goals, recommendations or whatever else you might want to say, there's one more freebie I want to inform you all of. I've just been made aware of this great news!

The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines

The Vincent Boys (The Vincent Boys, #1)

(one of my favourite reads of 2011)

is currently available for FREE on Amazon!

Here's your chance to grab a great read for FREE (or as we say here in South Africa, for "MAHALA!").

You can click HERE to grab you free copy!

Enjoy! :)

The Girl Who Was on Fire by Smart Pop Books

Thanks to Taschima Cullen over at the Bloody Bookaholic blog, I've been made aware of a great site which publishes daily essays by well-known authors on various popular books and series. The site I am talking about is Smart Pop Books and I'd strongly suggest that you go over there and have a look at what it has to offer right now. I guarantee you won't be disappointed! There are some very thought-provoking essays published there, that will have the wheels churning in your head and will have you going back to each book and series to re-read passages and re-watch scenes with fresh insight, knowing exactly what to look for. This particular book, The Girl Who Was on Fire is particularly interesting for fans of Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games and is a perfect read to prepare uss all for the upcoming movie (March can't get here soon enough!). Here's a taste of what the book is like:

The Girl Who Was on Fire: Your Favorite Authors on Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games Trilogy (The Hunger Games Companions)

Blurb (taken from Goodreads):

"Katniss Everdeen’s adventures may have come to an end, but her story continues to blaze in the hearts of millions worldwide.

In The Girl Who Was on Fire, thirteen YA authors take you back to Panem with moving, dark, and funny pieces on Katniss, the Games, Gale and Peeta, reality TV, survival, and more. From the trilogy's darker themes of violence and social control to fashion and weaponry, the collection's exploration of the Hunger Games reveals exactly how rich, and how perilous, protagonist Katniss’ world really is.

• How does the way the Games affect the brain explain Haymitch’s drinking, Annie’s distraction, and Wiress’ speech problems?
• What does the rebellion have in common with the War on Terror?
• Why isn’t the answer to “Peeta or Gale?” as interesting as the question itself?
• What should Panem have learned from the fates of other hedonistic societies throughout history and what can we?

The Girl Who Was On Fire covers all three books in the Hunger Games trilogy."

Okay, so I know that got me excited already. What got me more excited, however, was Taschima's review of the book which can be found HERE along with a giveaway for this book. So go over there and read the review, leave a nice comment and if you decide to enter the giveaway, please be sure to tell her that IdentitySeeker from Random Thoughts of a Confused Adolescent sent you over to enter the giveaway. Thank you in advance! I do hope you visit mart Pop and find something of interest to you. Also, I hope that you will take the time to have a look around Taschima's site and view some of her other enjoyable and informative posts.

Best of luck! :)

Good Bye 2011 Contest @ Bloody Bookaholic

Taschima Cullen over at the Bloody Bookaholic blog is having a stupendously awesome giveaway! What is she giving away, you ask?

How about this?

and this...

aaand this...

Oh wait! There's still more!

That's quite a load, right? There are some truly drool-worthy titles there, that I'm sure every self-respecting book lover would not pass up an opportunity to win. I think it's incredibly generous of her to give away all these books, especially since she's opened it to INTERNATIONAL entrants as well. That's right- it's open INTERNATIONALLY!

Here are the details of the contest:

  • There will be 3 winners- winner #1 gets a whopping 20 books, winner #2 gets 15 books and winner #3 gets 5 books.
  • The entry rules and ways to earn entries can be found at the site, along with a form that needs to be filled.
  • This giveaway is open to international entrants.
  • The giveaway ends on 28th January 2012
I wish you all the best and hope to have scored some seriously good karma by informing you all! Best of luck! :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: Text Order Bride by Kirsten Osbourne

Text Order Bride

Title: Text Order Bride
Author: Kirsten Osbourne
Format: Kindle Edition

My Rating: 4/5

Blurb (from Goodreads):

"In this short story, Amanda, a home making teacher from Texas, believes that love has passed her by. She agrees to start communicating with someone her friend knows in Wisconsin, because she wants children, not because she believes that there is love out there waiting for her.

When, after two months of communicating, Jason proposes, she agrees, thinking it is her last chance for a husband and children. Love doesn't enter into it. After she meets Jason, she isn't so sure about that part of things."

My Thoughts:

This was a short, sweet, old-fashioned romance that took me out of my reading slump and reminded me why it is that I favoured the romance genre so heavily in my teens. There's something about a marriage of convenience and the slow falling-in-love that comes with a mature relationship based on mutual respect and admiration that gets me every time.

While Kirsten's beginnings as a writer show in the sometimes awkward dialogue and prose, characterised by repetitive descriptions and use of the same phrasing in consecutive sentences, as well as excessive descriptions of the main character's thoughts that could have been more subtly woven into the story (I believe), I can't deny that the story gripped me and had me experiencing some of the nervous excitement and downright giddiness of a new bride who's found herself married to a complete stranger.

I think this book makes for a sweet, romantic read that will leave the reader with a case of the warm fuzzies and a whole-hearted belief that it's never too late to find true love.

If you would like to read this short story (and I suggest you do) it is currently available for FREE at Amazon.


P.S. I'm not sure how much longer this offer will last, so you'd better hurry and grab it now!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Casting Random Magic

If I were to choose a character to cast in the role of the elegant Count De Morgue, an intriguing character from the book Random Magic by Sasha Soren, I would choose actor Antonio Banderas to play the part.


Well, ever since watching Zorro when I was a little person, I have:

1) Been intrigued by his accent
2) Known that he looks amazing in black- and have since learned that formal wear suits him even better!
3) He is one of few men who I believe actually look good with their hair slicked back- so the Count look would totally suit him.
4) His eyes are the right colour for the role and he can totally do heavy-lidded *wink*

Yes, I do believe he would be perfect for the role!